The Hockey Book

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Personalized Books
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Your child is getting ready to watch the hockey championship on TV, when injury strikes one of the starting players. The coach needs a new substitute player and tells the general manager he heard about a promising young kid, so a jet is dispatched. Back at the arena, the coach comments that he/she must be the youngest player in the league.

The intense game goes into overtime, and even though your child is only there for backup, he/she is having a blast. In the final minutes, another team member’s injury puts your child on the ice, just in time for him/her to score the winning shot.
This personalized story includes additional space for your child to record his/her hockey statistic for the year.


  • For ages 5-12
  • This is a quality hard-cover personalized children's book.
  • Washable hard covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages